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Step into the riveting narrative of "Paul's Promise," a film rooted in the tumultuous era of the 1960s Civil Rights movement. It presents the remarkable true tale of Paul Holderfield, a man who transitioned from a racist firefighter to a pastor, creating one of the first integrated churches in the South. "Paul's Promise" traces Holderfield's transformation during this pivotal time in American history, documenting his powerful decision to serve God and champion justice - a choice that leaves an enduring impact on the community even today.

"Paul's Promise" chronicles the life of Paul Holderfield, Sr., who grew up in the grips of poverty, familiar with the pangs of hunger and the power of prayer. Set against the backdrop of the Little Rock Central High School crisis in the 1950s, Holderfield, a North Little Rock fireman at the time, vividly recalls snubbing a handshake from his childhood best friend, Jimmy Lipkin, simply because of his race. This moment of prejudice haunts Holderfield, driving him to vow to his wife, Barbara, that he will never again demean another human being.

The central arc of "Paul's Promise" centers around Holderfield's path to redemption as he founds Friendly Chapel and F.L.A.M.E (Feeding and Loving All Men Equally). Devoting his life to service, Holderfield shapes an institution that for over three decades provides year-round support to those in need - offering nourishment through a soup kitchen/food pantry, emotional support, physical assistance such as clothing and shelter, spiritual guidance, and health services. Holderfield's legacy lives on in his extended family, as they continue to uphold his life's work, cementing the inspiring story of "Paul's Promise".

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